4 Major Signs You Need A Home Water Treatment System

13 July 2021
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Many things can affect the quality of your home water supply. For example, the pesticides washed by the rain and pathogens picked up from leaking sewer lines can make their way into your main water supply or private water well. Fortunately, innovators have tackled the issue by introducing water treatment systems into the market to ensure you have clean and safe drinking water. How do you know that your home needs a treatment system? Here are the top signs to guide you. 

1. Bad Odor and Taste 

Taste and odors go hand in hand. Spoiled food has an unpleasant smell and a weird taste, and water is not an exception. If your water has a deeply infused smell or taste of rotten eggs, it probably has high levels of hydrogen sulfide absorbed in the water. 

You know how fresh and pure water tastes and smells. If you notice anything odd about its taste and odor, consider testing a water sample and adopt the appropriate water treatment plan. 

2. Gritty Texture 

Do you see or feel sand or silt on your tongue when drinking water? The presence of silt or sand in water lowers its quality and could affect your health. This may indicate deterioration within your water well. It could also mean that your water has been passing through contaminated pipes to your home. 

While you can't control the quality of pipes used by the water service provider, you can improve the water's quality using treatment systems. Water treatment systems work to remove any traces of sediments and impurities. If you have a water well, consider inspecting the source of the deposits. 

3. Stained Surfaces and Clothes 

Hard water is notorious for holding a high amount of minerals such as calcium. These minerals make it hard for soap to lather. If you have a hard time cleaning clothes and surfaces, hard water could be why, as the cleaning solutions don't lather appropriately in the water. 

If that's not enough, you may notice hard-to-eradicate stains on floors and clothes brought about by the hard water. The situation might get worse with every passing day you use hard water. Treating the water could help solve the problem and save cleaning products.

4. Devastating Results From the Water Tests 

If you doubt the quality of the water you receive, you should have it tested right away. So, what should you do if the results show your water is contaminated? This is probably the clearest sign you need a water treatment system. So start exploring water treatment systems to eradicate the contaminants and provide high-quality water in your home. 

You don't have to wait until things move from bad to worse. You can avoid many health, financial, and plumbing issues by simply installing a home water treatment system. If you have experienced these signs, it is time to invest in a water treatment system.