8 Ways To Take Good Care Of Your Septic Tank

18 December 2015
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If you are like many homeowners, you might not give much thought to your septic tank. You just know it sits outside your home and gets rid of waste. However, if you neglect to take proper care of your septic tank, it can negatively affect your health and finances. Here are eight effective ways to take good care of your septic tank:

Use Your Garbage Disposal Carefully

A garbage disposal can certainly make kitchen cleanup a lot simpler, but using this appliance the wrong way can have negative effects on your septic tank. If you treat your garbage disposal like a trash can or use it every day, your septic system will be less efficient at getting rid of waste, according to Van Delden Wastewater Systems. Avoid throwing egg shells, vegetable peels and other hard foods down the disposal. It also is not a good idea to pour grease down the disposal because it can solidify in the pipes.

Install Low Flow Faucets

Another effective way you can take good care of your septic tank is to install low flow faucets in your home. These faucets will help you use less water, reducing pressure on your septic tank. 

Do not Flush Just Anything Down the Toilet

The toilet is another thing you should not mistake for a garbage can. If you just throw any random objects, such as cotton swabs, medications and dental floss, down the toilet, it can harm your septic tank.To avoid clogs and any damage to your septic tank,  you should only put human waste and toilet paper in the toilet.

Get Your Septic Tank Pumped

Grime can accumulate at the bottom of your septic tank over time, so it is important to get it pumped about every three years. If you fail to get it pumped often enough, the tank can overflow sewage into your home. Hiring a professional to do the job can save you a lot of money and frustration in the future.

Do not Use Bleach to Clear Clogs

When you have a clog, using bleaching to clear it might seem like a good idea. However, this can actually do more harm to your septic system than good. The bleach can kill the good bacteria in your septic system that breaks down solid waste. If one of your drains gets clogged, it is best to call a plumber. He or she will use products that will not damage your septic tank.

Trim Trees Around Septic Tank

If there are trees too close to your septic tank, the roots can get in the pipes and cause blockages. That is why you should trim the trees around the tank on a regular basis. Tree trimming can be a dangerous ob, so it is a good idea to leave it up to a professional.

Don't Park Vehicles Close to Septic Tank

It is not a wise idea to park cars or other vehicles close your septic tank. If you do, you can weaken the area around the tank, increasing the risk of leaks.

Install a Septic Tank Filter

If you don't currently have one, it is a good idea to install a filter in your septic tank. It will keep hair, food particles and other grime from accumulating in your leach field lines. Make sure to have this filter cleaned out every time you get your septic tank pumped.

Taking care of your septic tank will require some extra work, but it is definitely well worth it. If you follow these helpful tips, you can keep your septic tank in top shape for many more years.

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