Everything You Need To Know About Abatement Services For Hazardous Materials In Your Home

20 March 2017
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When you have a problem with mold, asbestos, or lead materials that are common in older homes, the first call you make will be to an abatement service. You may want to know about these services and the work that will be done to remove hazardous materials from your home. The process consists of cleaning, disposal, and restorations when necessary. Here are some of the things that you will want to know when you have to have an abatement service take care of hazardous materials found in your home:

1. Testing for Different Types Of Hazards Found In Older Homes

The first step in remediation is testing for different materials that may be in your home. If it is mold, then the problem may be pretty obvious, but testing is still needed. For materials like asbestos, testing is done to determine where the materials used contain asbestos. Paints that are old will also be tested to see if they contain lead and need to be removed by the remediation service.

2. Isolating Hazardous Materials and Preparing Them for Removal

After it has been proven that there are indeed hazardous materials in your home, the areas will have to be isolated. To prevent contamination, the area where lead paint, mold, or asbestos is being removed will be sealed with plastic to prevent contamination of other areas of your home during the removal. Ventilation systems may also be used to filter airborne particles during the remediation process.

3. The Removal and Proper Disposal of Hazardous Materials Found in Homes

The removal process is going to be done by experienced professionals. The materials that contain hazardous agents will be removed and disposed of in approved containers. Once all the materials have been removed, the remediation service will haul them away, so that they can be disposed of properly and minimize health and environmental hazards.

4. Restorations and Rebuilding After Hazardous Materials Have Been Removed

The restoration of your home will begin with putting everything back together. If lead paint was removed and treated, then there is going to be painting that needs to be done. For mold problems, you will need to restore the areas that were affected with mold, which may include drywall, trim, and paint. For problems that involve removal of asbestos, the materials will need to be replaced with modern products that are safe and do not pose a health risk.

These are some of the basic services that a remediation service will provide to remove hazardous materials and cleanup damage. Contact an industrial sanitation service to help with the disposal of hazardous materials when they have been removed.