Keep Porta Potty Maintenance From Ruining Your Event

13 December 2017
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It doesn't make a difference if you're arranging a huge outdoor event or a lawn wedding; you'll most likely need to lease portable restroom trailers. Porta potties are a need for most outdoor events, however as you may have seen, now and then they aren't that perfect. You might wonder what is an ideal approach to keep your porta potties cleaner throughout your event; this article will go through four snappy tips to help you ace your porta potty upkeep: 

Request Enough Portable Restrooms:

Everyone has been to a show or group event where the restrooms are "abused". This circumstance is awfully normal, and for the most part, it happens when the event coordinators requested too few restrooms for the number of people that went to the event. The portable restroom vendor that you select will be able to help you nail down the perfect number of portable restroom trailers for your event, so make sure to rely on their expertise.

Place Porta Potties Strategically Throughout Your Event Space:

So you've been working with your convenient restroom supplier on the ideal number of porta-potties, and now you need to choose where to put them. Consider setting up banks of 10-15 restrooms close to high volume regions, such as food vendors, retail corners, event stages, and brew gardens. These zones tend to keep people's attention for drawn-out stretches of time so they will probably require more restrooms.

After you get the banks of porta potties arranged, you can put smaller 3-5 restroom banks in other activity ranges, for example, the external edges and the exits. The spread of this arrangement will level out the use of the porta potties and keep them cleaner all through the event.

Request Additional Services:

The most straightforward approach to ensure your porta potties remain completely clean for your event is to have them cleaned! Requesting additional maintenance services for your compact restrooms is an awesome idea in the event that you are having a high-traffic day or you don't have a ton of room on your event space for the number of porta potty restrooms that are expected to deal with your visitors.

Contract a Restroom Attendant Through Your Porta Potty Company:

Service professionals will be nearby on the off chance that you require extra maintenance. A convenient restroom supplier will generally charge you a level rate for a set time, or charge you hourly for the service. These technicians will intermittently check all restrooms on the location and service and re-stock the restroom when required.