Toilet Backup Repair Services: Treatment Methods

19 December 2022
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A toilet backup causes an unsanitary environment, and the toilet in question will be out of service. If you experience toilet backup in your home, you'll want to resolve the issues as quickly as possible! You can call a professional plumber for toilet backup repair services. How do they resolve the problem, though? Read about four treatment methods. 

1. Plunger

A plunger creates pressure in your toilet drain, breaking up local clogs and forcing them through the pipes. Plungers won't work on stubborn clogs or clogs deep into your drain. To use a plunger, cover the toilet drain with the rubber circular end of the plunger. Once you have a tight seal, plunge up and down for about 10 seconds. Repeat as necessary for up to a minute. 

2. Powered Auger

A powered auger refers to a long drain snake powered by electricity, causing it to rotate faster than manual versions. The wire should feed 50 - 100 ft. down your drain until you feel the pointed end reach the clog. At this point, power on the auger to break the clog up at the source. Clean the auger after each use. 

3. Chemical Cleaner

Chemical drain cleaners dissolve clogs using harsh chemicals. Some popular chemicals used in chemical drain cleaners include:

  • sulfuric acid
  • caustic soda
  • lye
  • bleach 

While effective, many of these ingredients can cause damage to your pipes. If the material remains in your pipes, it can lead to premature corrosion. Some of the materials may even eat through certain pipe materials. 

Most plumbers will use chemical drain cleaners when necessary but very infrequently. 

Homeowners who choose to apply chemical drain cleaners themselves should read the directions very carefully. 

4. Underground Sewer Line Repair 

Some toilet backup occurs as a result of underground sewer line damage. If damage to the pipes creates pressure problems inside your toilet drain, the underground pipes may require repair or replacement. Plumbers today use trenchless methods that only require digging one access point, as opposed to digging up the damaged pipe at the source. Talk to your municipality about who takes on the responsibility for the repair before you schedule the appointment. 

When you experience toilet backup, examine the situation carefully before calling a plumber to perform toilet backup repair services. If you only have one toilet or all of your toilets are affected, look for a company that offers emergency service.

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